Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cricket Passion

Only soccer rivals cricket in transcending the world of sport to become a deeply felt expression of culture. And in cricket-mad South Asia, a frenzy of feeling for the game. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are world's cricket.

Panda attacked People

It doesn’t surprise me that some animals attack people, it’s normal, they are predators, but some of them, like pandas?!!! I would have never thought.

World's Immigration

Their homelands are torn by war, economic distress, political strife, or environmental collapse. They choose to leave, or have no choice. They're called migrants, refugees, or internally displaced people.

Miracle Escape

This is amazing how all these people managed to escape a burning vehicle.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Food an Beverage in Afghanistan

Masakan Afghanistan adalah seperti masakan timur yang lain -kaya dan tua. Tetapi, berdasarkan kepada perbezaan iklim, iatidak seperti yang berubah-ubah, sebagai contoh, Armenia.Bagaimanapun, makanan di sana enak dan berkhasiat. Semuahidangan yang sama seperti di negara-negara Asia yang lain, tetapi teknologi negara dan sangat berbeza

Afghanistan 2011 parts 2

Kehidupan harian masyarakat Afghanistan pada masa ini.Lihat gambar-gambar dibawah.
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