Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gigantic outdoor escalator

Enormous 384-metre long escalator in Medellin Colombia  is finally complete
It prevents residents from trudging up steps which are the equivalent of a 28-storey building
City was once home to Pablo Escobar -  the most renowned criminal of all time
This giant outdoor escalator has cut the journey time for people living in Medellin's tough Comuna 13 from 35 minutes to just six

Monday, 29 July 2013

Kemalangan kereta api di Spain

On Wednesday July 2013, a high-speed train crashed and derailed in Santiago de Compostela, killing at least 78 people in Spain's worst train crash since 1972. The speed of the train is being questioned and the veteran driver was arrested. The train was full of passengers traveling to attend a prominent festival, which was subsequently canceled due to the tragedy
A combination of 4 stills from a security video camera shows an Alvia model train derailing four kilometres from Santiago de Compostela on July 24

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hari Superman

The men, women and children of steel! 867 people join forces at festival to break record for the largest number of fans dressed as Superman

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Haiwan dan sarangnya

Hundreds of female flies form rarely-seen clump as they prepare to lay eggs and send their young into the river below.Once the females lay their eggs, the larvae will fall into the water below. They can be seen hanging from bridges or any elevated spot above water.
Hundreds of female flies cling to a branch as they prepare to lay their eggs. Their young will fall into the river and move on to their next life cycle
The cluster was the size of her fist and there were several separate balls hanging from the same tree

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pelukis dan wang

The world's biggest art factory: Inside the Chinese village where thousands of artists recreate iconic paintings for sale overseas Dafen Oil Painting Village is a suburb of Shenzhen in China's Guangdong province
Here artists produce up to 60 per cent of the total global volume of reproduction artworks
Painters gather decorative pieces after a day's work: One artist working in Dafen says that Chinese customers prefer brighter colours than buyers in the West
 Painters work on two very different pictures, one portrait of a Japanese geisha and the other a landscape showing the undulating Great Wall of China
A painter eats his lunch in a studio
: A woman takes a moment from painting a scene of the Great Wall to playfully dab a man's nose with her brush
No-one becomes an artist to get rich... A painter squats on the floor to eat noodles for lunch in the kitchen of a rental house, which also contains his art studio
Sixteen-year-old painter Wang Jingang works on nine pieces of decorative paintings at the same time: Artists in Dafen are capable of producing dozens of paintings a day for sale in China and overseas - although these appear to be for the domestic market

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kumbang Titanus giganteus.

Titanus giganteus hides in the rainforests of South America and is capable of snapping attackers with its jaws or tearing their flesh if provoked.The male does not feed throughout its adult life and uses all its energy flying for just long enough to find a mate
Titanus giganteus is the world's largest beetle but is one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet. The Titan beetle can grow up to seven inches long and has a jaw so strong that it can snap a wooden pencil in two
The beetle defends itself by hissing in warning and then use its huge jaws to bit attackers. It also has incredibly strong legs and sharp claws that can tear animal and human flesh, but does not attack unless provoked
The male beetle (pictured) does not feed throughout its adult life but needs energy to fly. This energy comes from the reserves it gathered in its pupa stage and is used to fly just long enough to find a mate

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kanak-kanak perempuan dan apartmentnya

The five-year-old had climbed out of the living room window apparently because she wanted to take a 'look around'.Dramatic moment firefighters rescue Chinese girl, 5, after she got her head stuck between window bars on the OUTSIDE of an apartment block on the 24th floor
The little girl was heard crying by a neighbour who alerted the emergency services
The little girl apparently climbed out of the living room window to take a 'look around'
A resident climbed out of an adjacent side window, broken open with bolt cutters, to support the little girl while she waited to be rescued
The rescue team eventually got access to the little girl from inside her apartment and got to work to free her from her position
She was pulled to safety by a team of emergency services crew
The little girl teetered on the edge of the railings, 70metres high, her head stuck between the bars

Monday, 22 July 2013

Small boy and monkey

Horrifying moment small boy on trip to Indian zoo is attacked and seriously hurt by furious monkey
An irate monkey attacked a small boy during a trip to a zoo while the child's father and a zookeeper fought to prise them apart.The boy - named locally as Raghav - was seriously hurt at an animal centre in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India.
After the father and zookeeper managed to get the angry primate away, but it continued to bare its teeth and shriek
In a terrifying attack, a macaque attacked a small boy at an Indian zoo, knocking him to the ground
The boy's face is seen contorted with pain as his father and a keeper from the zoo in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, rush to his aid
The boy, named locally as Raghav, was pinned to the floor by the macaque, which clung to his back while Raghav's father tried to rescue his son
A bystander took these photographs of a terrified Raghav covered in blood during the attack

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Syrian camp

Syrian camp which is home to 160,000 refugees is now Jordan's fifth largest city.6,000 people a day arrive at the sprawling Zaatari refugee campMain street featuring many of its 3,000 shops, restaurants and food vendors is known as the 'Champs Elysees'There is also a taxi service, schools, soccer fields and hospitals within its 12 districts
The Zaatari camp is about 8 miles from the Syrian border
This sign highlights one of the entrances to the busy camp
The camp's main street, featuring many of its 3,000 shops, restaurants and food vendors, it known as the 'Champs Elysees' .There is also a taxi service, schools, soccer fields and hospitals within its 12 districts
The camp has experienced a number of dark days, with riots sometimes breaking out as traumatised residents attempt to get used to their new home
The camp is made up of rows of temporary buildings squashed up against each other

Friday, 19 July 2013

Kepala yang disayangi

Kepala merupakan satu anggota badan yang terpenting.Otak yang tersimpan dengan baik dalam kepala dapat berfunsi secara cepat untuk mendapat perkara yang baik dan yang tidak baik.Gambar ini dapat menunjukkan pentingnya kepala.
 tertangkap oleh pegawai penjara
tertekan brek
terjatuh dari tangga
terlalu laju
ingin cepat keluar
lambat keluar

Jepun dan ubi

Usaha dan teknologi pertanian moden kerajaan dapat mengubah hasil pertanian rakyat Jepun.Buah ubi yang besar dapat menambah harga jual bagi ubi seperti gambar dibawah.Esok atau lusa petani di Malaysia juga dapat menghasilkan ubi sebesar ini.

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