Saturday, 31 December 2011

World's heaviest mother

The 600lb mother and 44 years old.
Donna Simpsons
When she was younger-childhood photo
Baby born: Ms Simpson is believed to hold the world record for the heaviest woman ever to give birth

Here comes 2012!

Spectacular fireworks light up the skylines as countries across the world welcome the new year

I'm having you ... for lunch

A great white shark explodes out of the water ready for the kill, its jaws open wide.
And just inches from the razor sharp teeth of  its awesome enemy, a cape fur seal makes a  desperate leap for survi

Friday, 30 December 2011

Cyclone rips through southeast India

A cyclone brought heavy rains and gale-force winds to India's southeastern coast, killing at least 11 people, uprooting trees and damaging homes.

Peniaga di Afghanistan

Kesibukan peniaga menjual barang-barang harian disekitar pasar

Deadly Tropical Storm Washi

On December 16th, Tropical Storm Washi struck the Philippine island of Mindanao, bringing 10 solid hours of torrential rainfall - up to 16 inches (400mm) in some places - causing multiple flash floods and mudslides.

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