Saturday, 31 March 2012

A visit to gymnastics training

Actually, I want to show you how they train and prepare future gymnasts in China. Looking at some photos, I get the impression that they will break anytime soon.

Bola dan Kepala

Saya peminat bolasepak bagi negeri dan negara saya.Disini ada gambar-gambar pemain,kepala dan bola.Lihat wajah pemain.Wajah pemain itu ada muziknya.

World Records

Sejenak bersama saya petang Sabtu melihat gambar-gambar world records.Dunia ini luas maka terdapat bermacam-macam benda yang belum kita mengetahuinya.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Glowing Jellyfish

Thousands glowing jellyfish were washed up on shore of Japan. And it looked beautiful at night.

Kiss a cheeta

Mr Golosov, a veterinary student from Russia, took care of Seva after he was abandoned by his mother when he was just a cub.
Isn't that a little too friendly? The zoo vet who thinks it's okay to kiss a cheet

A boy and a snake

Living a charmed life... Two-year-old Indian plays with cobra in the street as he learns the family business from his grandfather.
These pictures, which will be shocking to many  parents, show the dying tradition of snake charming in rural India.For centuries, the charmers have enjoyed a celebrated place in the country's history. 
The hypnotic tunes they played to enchant snakes to dance have not only captured the imagination of Indians, but people around the world.

A visit to India

mmmmmmmmmmmmmSejenak bersama saya jam 11.11 pm.India benua yang luas dan padat penduduk.Bermacam budaya,agama dan adat.Lihat gambar-gambar ini.

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