Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Yang lama dikenangi

Foto lama yang menunjukkan peristiwa lama tapi bagus kepada pembaca yang ingin mengetahui peristiwa lama.Baca dan perhatikan foto ini.
Opium Den, Singapore – 1941
A Circus Billboard, 1931
Old Cincinati Library, looking at one of the large cast-iron book alcoves that lined the Main Reading Hall, circa 1900
June 28, 1956: Smog testing with human subjects
W.H. Murphy, inventor of bulletproof vest, takes slug to the chest from deputy 1923
U.S. chess prodigy, Bobby Fisher, playing 50 opponents simultaneously at his Hollywood hotel on 12 April 1964. He won 47, lost 1 and drew 2

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