Thursday, 5 February 2015

Out of control

Two-year-old boy one of four children pulled from the wreckage after surviving the horror crash on WednesdayTransAsia GE235 passenger plane with 58 people on board plunged into Keeling River in capital city TaipeiAt least 31 people have been confirmed dead, according to Taiwanese Civil Aviation Authority, and 12 are missing
Terrifying pictures have emerged of a passenger plane with 58 people on board plunging into a river near Taiwan's capital Taipei after clipping a bridge on the freeway
A taxi driver (pictured in the grey jacket) was taken to hospital after suffering severe head injuries and concussion when the plane crushed his vehicle before colliding with the bridge
The toddler and a Taiwanese official rush to safety once they reach dry land, after the little boy is rescued from the plane which crashed into the Keeling River in Taipai, Taiwan's capital city

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