Monday, 2 March 2015


Bayi berusia sepuluh bulan beratnya 2st 13lbs - menjadikan dia salah seorang kanak-kanak yang paling berat di dunia pada usia tersebut.Aliya Saleem, of Jharkhand, India, was born at a relatively large 9lbs, then began to rapidly gain weight from the age of four months - and is now as heavy as an average six-year-old girl.
Bersama kanak-kanak perempuan 1 tahun
  Aliya Saleem berumur10 bulan
Keluarga   Aliya Saleem
Bersama ibunya
 Her daily food intake
The enormous weight has put Aliya's life in danger, but the family have lacked the money to obtain good enough medical care for her. She is pictured above with her wider family

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